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Totelecom Turnkey IPTV/OTT Platform

Totelecom OTT platform offers comprehensive coverage of the IPTV and OTT distribution pipeline

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OTT TV Platform Architecture

Platform Overview

Totelecom helps IPTV and OTT operators to start and scale their business. We help to…
Launch – helping to design an IPTV network on the OTT platform, plan costs, equipment specifications, grow strategies.
Manage – when the network is already launched, we provide you full control via an all-in-one management system
Monetize – we offer different content monetizing tools for your IPTV and OTT business.

Benefits of IPTV/OTT Platform

Over The Top Platforms

Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet television involves the delivery of video content from video service providers to end users over the public Internet. OTT services can then be accessed by anyone who has a suitable high-speed connection to the Internet.

The OTT platform provides all necessary features for OTT operators and completely covers the OTT distribution from a video source to a subscriber. This includes:

The Totelecom Eperience

With Totelecom you can build an IPTV/OTT network on an unlimited scale. Our team offers professional assistance in the setup and the configuring of a solution in your location, as well as training of your staff.

Since 2012, Totelecom has been helping enterprises around the world with launching OTT TV services. More than 100 companies from over 54 countries have already implemented our OTT platform during this period.

Components of OTT Platforms


With Totelecom Middleware you can easily and conveniently control and manage your interactive TV network.

Media Server

The Totelecom Media Server distributes your media content via the Internet to multiple end-user devices, making video content available on any screen.


If you need to prepare video content for adaptive streaming, the Totelecom Coder provides both uncompromising speed and quality.

Video on demand

The Totelecom Video on Demand server allows your subscribers to select and watch video content whenever and however they like.

Multiplatform Player

Offering the support of 17 platforms allows your subscribers to watch media content on any device, such as:

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