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Product Description

At Totelecom, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs and to help you offer the very best IPTV/OTT service to your customers. And, while all of our products are necessary and efficient, none could possibly be more critical than our IPTV middleware services, which is truly at the core of what every IPTV/OTT needs.

Our IPTV/OTT middleware is a multi-operated web-application, and it can control all aspects and modules of your technology solutions. In short, it is the way that you, as a business owner, will manage your programming and offerings for your customers

Our middleware IPTV is unique from other middleware products on the market in that it offers truly amazing features that you won’t find anywhere else, at least not all in one convenient package. Some of the features distinctive to our robust middleware include the following:

Basically, our software does all the hard work helping you to manage the whole IPTV/OTT middleware server and even your business.

Our IPTV middleware services can also help you to monetize your content through subscriptions, pay per view purchases, and advertising as well.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of a one-stop middleware IPTV system that has everything you need to be a successful OTT/IPTV provider, then don’t miss out on the Totelecom Middleware system.

What’s nice is the Totelecom Middleware is integrated with and works ideally with other Totelecom products such as our

It is the core of the entire Totelecom IPTV/OTT platform

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