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Description of OTT Streaming Media Server

Whether you want to offer channel streaming nationally or even globally, the Totelecom video web media server has got you covered! The server offers live streaming in unicast and media server software also keeps careful track of statistics and information on who views what content, sending this data to Middleware.

Not only is it useful for monitoring subscriber activity, but it can also be used to live stream between two stations for better Linux streaming video server and as a replacement for basic TV channel transmissions.

Support of HTTP Live Streaming protocol provides adaptive streaming in the OTT networks with unstable bandwidth and ensures smooth distribution of the media content to end-users. What’s more is that the content can be distributed via a wide range of devices, including set-top boxes, mobile devices, HD televisions, and more. No matter how a subscriber prefers to access content, the Totelecom OTT media server can accommodate it.

While there are other media servers out there, none can compare to the Totelecom Media Server. Give it a try, and see just how far it can take your business!

Totelecom Media Server software is integrated with and ideally functions with all of Totelecom offerings such as

It provides efficient delivery of an operator’s content within the Totelecom IPTV/OTT Platform.

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