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Does your business provide internet services to a wide range of clients? Did you know that you can expand your offerings by giving customers IPTV services on top of the internet connectivity they’re already getting through your business? Every day, hundreds of thousands of consumers are looking for different competitors in their area that can offer bundled services, and internet and television are definitely high on the list. By diversifying the services you can become an IPTV provider and to provide, you dramatically increase your chance of getting more consumers that are looking for a “one stop shop” for their home media needs.

Enter Totelecom’s IPTV services, which can work with internet service providers to provide extremely affordable, and extremely profitable, television and movie streaming services in partnership with your internet services. ISPs have been making the switch over the past decade toward partnering with cable and satellite providers for customers that want to bundle their television with their internet plans, and IPTV is the next step of that progression.

Being both Internet and IPTV service provider can deliver:

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