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IPTV Software for Corporate OTT Solutions

Corporations can always benefit from controlling cost, and media options can often fall into the category of cost control options. With IPTV software, corporations, either in single or multiple-office configurations, can take advantage of Totelecom’s OTT TV software and cloud solutions to make the entire process affordable, easy to setup, and simple to maintain and customize over time.

Benefits of IPTV Software

Totelecom is an expert in IPTV and OTTV services, and can provide corporations with a wealth of options to completely customize a fully functional OTT (Over-the-Top) system. With OTT, companies can deliver audio and video content to multiple end-users without the need for multiple-system operation. Distribution is fast, media content is easy to control, and the entire system can be setup quickly without the need for extensive or intrusive hardware placement.

With corporate IPTV software, it’s also possible to integrate your media delivery with your business’s already growing network of smartphone, tablets, and other mobile devices. That’s because Totelecom’s OTT software allows access from smart devices. Cloud native functionality teamed with SaaS means that businesses can not only quickly add and control access and security functions and permissions when necessary, but also keep the entire network efficient for bandwidth usage.

Corporate IPTV software are perfect for access to on-demand video and audio, including training materials or important media that needs to be shared in a professional environment. TV video broadcasting can also all be handled, both in terms of the content that’s available and who has access to it, from a simple centralized account. Update content on the fly with an intuitive user interface, and use the over the top streaming services to quickly and easily distribute important media to the people who need it the most.

Corporations may also be interested in the possibilities of integrating clients into their OTT internet services, which is where Totelecom can also help. With control over user access ranging from simple user addition, to content permission and on-demand category selection, there’s never been a more corporate-friendly internet protocol television solution available on the market. Over-the-top content is extremely simple to manage, with a wealth of format options available to easily play and stream several different types of video.

OTT apps for mobile devices also make Totelecom’s IPTV broadcasting software simple to integrate into existing corporate mobile network access. If your business has been searching for an affordable, intuitive, and modular way to distribute audio and video, then Totelecom is here to provide exactly that.

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