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Improving the Face of Education through Campus TV

With the IPTV OTT solution for Campus TV you can customize and generate and stream their own unique content.

Education is rapidly changing because of modern technology. Traditional ways of providing and gaining knowledge have remained, but several improvements such as Campus TV have come. These modern changes started to make its way through most campuses and universities.

Common Uses of Modern Technology

Modern technology such as IPTVs and Video on Demand (VoD) have been primarily used for entertainment purposes. Users, particularly young professionals and students, utilize these devices to keep them diverted and entertained. They view online content with video broadcasting software, and watch TV shows and movies-on-demand. Little did they know that these media have the potential to become modern learning portals for knowledge sharing.

Common Uses of Modern Technology

Schools and universities have recently tapped into the advantages of using IPTV in their campuses. The IPTV is now used as a learning portal for both teachers and students and is dubbed as Campus TV. TV units are set-up on campus grounds, university lobbies, libraries, and classrooms to provide educational content through Campus TV. Countries such as Australia started to incorporate University TV to their learning systems.

How is Campus TV created?

IPTV technology is utilized for Campus TV learning. Teachers record lectures either through conventional video or in 3D. These educational content are then streamed and sent to IPTVs. Campus TV units display these content for students. They may either choose to view them live, as video-on-demand, or in 3D, depending on the content’s availability. Some contents may also be streamed away from the campus via home TV, computers and media devices.

Advantages of Campus TV

Campus TV provides a fresh way to present educational content and gives learners unlimited ways of accessing their curriculum. Apart from that, here are other advantages of TV Campus:

How Students Receive Campus TV

The concept of Campus TV is well-received by students who have already tried it. For instance, dentistry students in Melbourne, Australia study complex procedures and patient interactions through recorded lectures streamed on media similar to TV Campus. These concepts would otherwise be hard to grasp in a plain classroom setting.

Educating through Technology

Campus TV is a great example of how technology can be integrated with academics. It puts technology to good use and helps school administrators, faculty and students spread and gain knowledge easily.

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