Totelecom (previously known as Peerroute limited, Est 2008) specializes in providing telecom services to help IPTV/OTT companies prosper by offering premium quality products and services to their consumers. In 2015 the company rebranded itself as Totelecom and smoothly transitioned into the real estate business
We currently specialize in providing temporary housing for Asylum Seekers and vulnerable people in the UK. We are currently working on the AASC project alongside three official asylum accommodation providers. By working alongside local authorities, Governing bodies and Funding agencies we are able to secure contracts for joint venture partners and have already successfully secured numerous short and long-term contracts for those already working with us

"It is our job to
aid the
vulnerable and


Britain today has a backlog of 4.3 million homes missing from the national housing market as they were never built. This housing deficit would take at least half a century to fill even if the Government’s current target to build 300,000 homes a year is reached.

Our mission at Totelecom is to provide
secure quality accommodation that our
clients can call home. Here at Totelecom
we strive to help people who wish to start a
new life again with dignity and offer them a
smooth transition to integrate them back
into society.


• Commercial property

• Residential and
  Commercial land

• Obtaining planning

• Development of raw land

• Private and commercial
  short term service
  accommodation and

• Managing AASC project.


“A growing amount of UK aid has been spent on UK-based refugees, with spending increasing from £410 million in 2016 to £3,686 million in 2022 (rising from 3.2% of the aid budget to 28.9%).
Totelecom is currently working on numerous alternative cost-effective solutions for housing asylum seekers due to the recent refugee crisis in the UK.
We are currently working with maritime engineers to further diversify our portfolio and add barges into our current accommodation solutions. We are able to offer multiple barges in order to accommodate 300 to 1000 + service users according to home office needs.


At Totelecom we seek to deliver cost
effective alternate accommodation
solutions for asylum seekers in order
to help resolve the current housing
and refugee crisis whilst maintaining
ethical and morally correct values.


• To care for those in

•Adhere to British
  Values such as
  Diversity and

• Provide safe
  accommodation to
  those in crisis

• To minimize the
  number of homeless
  refugees and Asylum

Strategic Partners

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